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This award, the clubs most prestigious was presented to the club by Jonathan's Parents in memory of Jonathan and to celebrate his life. This is awarded annually to a player, who is considered, by the clubs committee to be exceptional. We are all sure that Jonathan would have approved of this award. The trophy is for a player who has contributed in so many ways. Such as; working hard with good attitude, turning up in all weather conditions, respecting others at all times, scoring/saving goals and showing sportsman during hardship. Who ever wins this special trophy, we are sure will be very proud, giving it pride of place in their room and remember this honour for the rest of their life. The lucky winner will keep the award for twelve months. In Loving Memory, God Bless Jonathan!
Award Winners
22 May, 2011
2000/01 - Conor Rouke, 2001/02 - Adam Woollcott, 2002/03 - Alex Jeffries, 2003/04 - Connor Hale, 2004/05 - Josh Latter, 2005/06 - Joe Waddingham, 2006/07 - Robert Fieldwick, 2007/08 - Samuel Kemp, 2008/09 - Levi Moncester, 2009/10 - Charlie Dadswell,  2010/11 - Tyler Seymour, 2011/12 - Billy Surbey, 2013/14 Jack Watts 2014/15 - Luca Dale 2015/16 Jack Masters 2016/17 Toby Wilson 2017/18 Daniel Botzet 2018/19 Billy Surbey